Rubber works...


For all kinds of commercial flooring installations, rubber is a smart choice. Tough enough to take the heaviest punishment, yet colourful, beautiful, tactile, warm and soft. From silky smooth to textured, it offers excellent slip resistance and absorbs both impact and sound much more effectively than other resilient surfaces such as linoleum or vinyl flooring.

Rubber is often dismissed as an expensive option. We have launched our specialist rubber flooring company Dalhaus to prove this doesn’t have to be the case.




Now you can have all the benefits of a great quality rubber floor without the high price tag. Yet there’s no compromise on design flexibility. With our DalWerk and DalRollo Satin ranges we can make you any colour you like, subject to minimum quantities. We can even copy any other manufacturer’s colours. We hold stock of the best selling colours, for when you’re in a hurry.

Dalhaus covers all the bases, with ranges of rubber for indoor and outdoor commercial use, in tile and roll format. So when it comes to resilient flooring, now there’s only one place you need to look.


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